Quintum's Tenor Switches and call management servers provide a VoIP platform that delivers the reliability, security, scalability and manageability that service providers need to successfully launch new, profitable voice services.   And, because they integrate so well into customer's existing network environments, Tenor switches make it easy to realize those profits quickly and get a jump on the competition.

No one can offer you a more effective platform for fulfilling your VoIP strategy than Quintum.   So if you're ready to boost profits with VoIP and grab your share of the growing VoIP market, call us today.

Intelligent network-to-network Call Relay:
Quintum's Tenor Call Relay solution lets you easily link multiple IP networks to extend voice services across multiple wholesalers' and/or your customers' enterprise networks.   Tenor Call Relay also eliminates the transmission delay caused by repeated compression and decompression of voice packets by limiting codec processes to each end of the call path.

Streamlined routing policy management:
Quintum's server provides scalable centralized control of routing and routing policy enforcement - including QoS-based routing, least-cost routing, source-based routing, route quality, best pattern match, circuit routing, Domain priority, Answer seizure ratio (ASR), and load balancing.   The Tenor platform thus gives network managers the precise control they need to maximize utilization of existing network capacity.
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